Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

Content & Graphics:

    1.    Publishing of any images, text, and/or content is at the sole discretion of Wall round The World Inc.
    2.    Any licensed, copyrighted. trademarked or patented images, graphics or written content require documented proof of license, copyright or release from original
    3.    Any obscene, offensive, adult images, and/or adult content is strictly prohibited
    4.    Any false, inaccurate, misleading, or defamatory content of any kind as it relates to persons and or companies is strictly prohibited.
    5.    Any prohibited content and/or images inadvertently published to website, will be subject to removal without refund after notification to the publishing party who will be afforded one (1) opportunity to alter or correct and/or alter the prohibited image or content.


    1.    In the event of any lawsuits which may arise from any criminal acts or charges in relation to the violation of any copyright laws, license, trademark or patent infringement from material posted on the wall, the owner of the space shall be solely responsible for penalties and shall hold Wall Around the World Inc. harmless from any and all civil or criminal liability.
    2.    In the event any third party including but not limited to attorneys, consultants, law enforcement, federal, and or local government should need to intervene or be involved in any issue or matter arising from any matters of aforementioned
infringements or illegal content the subscriber will be completely responsible to compensate and/or absorb all expenses that would be generated or incurred,
unless causes of actions are solely related to Wallaroundtheworld.com or

Wall Around the World Inc.

    1.    Customer agrees to pay said amount _______ per pixel unless otherwise written in a formal contract between both parties. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Wall Around the World Inc. Once a spot is purchased, it is there for life or ten years from last purchase. However, prices may fluctuate based on demand and increased traffic.


    1.    Subscriber's post will not be published to wallaroundtheworld.com until confirmation that funds equal to the cost of the requested service have been
transferred, deposited, and or cleared to Wall Around The World. Inc.

  • At any time subscribers post can be pulled & subscription revoked without refund if there are any violations of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

Site Conditions:

1. Wall Around the World, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the malfunctioning or temporary failure of the site for reasons beyond its direct or indirect control and subscriber shall not be entitled to compensation for said down time.


1. It is expressed and understood that customer/subscriber is only renting space from Wall Around The World Inc. on wallaroundtheworld.com. Subscriber does not own any part or have any entitlement to any proceeds generated from said site.


Minimum size spot is 60x20 which at 5 cents a pixel is $60. An 80x40 box would be $160. You can split up dimensions however you like.