Welcome to Wall Around the World's RETRO Pixel Billboard!

This is a fun little sweepstakes and a treat for all you traditional pixel lovers. We will be giving away free 10x10pixel squares on our "Retro Pixel" Billboard which lay between Mile 2, New Jersey, and Mile 3, Philadelphia. Each 10x10 pixelbox will be free and feature a link to your website for the length of the raffle. But along with advertising space you get entrance into a random drawing to win a free Apple Ipod (See right for details) as well as the orange retro pixel brick on Mile 1. When the Retro Pixel board is completely full, one number out of 80 (see right hand label for numbering grid) will be chosen. Only one pixel square raffle will be allowed per person and per web site. All ad spaces will be free and active as long as the billboard is not full. After the billboard is full the board will be reset, but keep checking back for new prizes and get in again!.

Click here to enter and get your pixel ad today!

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Out of all the raffle owners on the Retro Pixel Billboard, 1 10x10 block will be chosen at random after the board is full. The winner will receive an Apple® iPod™ MP3 Player with 2GB* Hard Drive.