Getting a brick on the Wall Around the World is very easy! Ad space is for a LIFETIME so make sure you know what you want and how big of a brick you want, because once space is filled around your brick, there's no going back. On the following page you will be given a form to fill out. You will need:

1. A web site URL to link to (or Myspace/Facebook etc. link), or an email if you do not have a page and would like a brick.

2. An Image for your brick. We will resize the image if it is not the proper dimensions.
(If you need the Wall Staff to create your brick, please contact our sales team.)

3. A description for the "hover-over", please keep this brief and reasonable.

4. An idea of where you want your brick placed (Mile and Location on that Mile). Some isolated areas on the Wall will be able to be clicked on directly and purchased.

Current Wall Price: $.05 USD(five cents) per pixel (Formula: Image Width x Image Height x (multiply by) .05

For those looking to go above and beyond please see the other options on the right menu.

To continue and purchase your lifetime brick on The Eternal Wall


Frequently Asked Questions


Other Options:

Flash Objects

Above, below, or changing the Wall structure.
Text Links
Billboard Mile 1
Pixel Billboard

Telephone Pole Advertising (Coming Soon)