Well, let's start off by saying that this site really isn't about us; IT'S ABOUT YOU. The "Wall to Eternity" really has no limits. As the Eternal Wall grows, we hope to provide businesses and people, both big and small with the perfect vehicle to promote their websites; a visual search engine of sorts. We envision a wall without an end, a wall where every person and company in the world can lay their own bricks and contribute their own ideas. Picture the Great Wall of China extending right through your own backyard and going on for miles until fading away into the horizon.

We're not kidding. The Wall's potential is as unlimited as its scope and our plans are to continue it through the upcoming generations. All of our 'brick-layers' will be immortalized through eternity. Since building an endless wall such as this is impossible in real life, (all due respect to the ancient Chinese) we decided the web would be the next best perfect solution.

Your space on The Wall will allow you to do whatever you want as long as it's within web-based reason, flows with the concept of The Wall, and won't get any of us arrested. This is a public site, so if something is inappropriate out in public, it will most likely be inappropriate here. Other than that, we envision a space that will invite a plethora of innovative ideas that will make The Wall the true cyber wonder it deserves to be.

We offer many options for you to get your space on The Eternal Wall. You can purchase a brick on the Wall itself where you'll get noticed even if site visitors aren't looking for you, we attract a wide variety of webviewers from all over. The great thing about pricing for the Wall is that it is a ONE TIME FEE. No monthly fee's, no pay per click. All that traffic generated to your site through us, and you owe us nothing beyond your initial cost! If you want to get on the front page of the major search engines you will have to break out the big bucks after winning the bidding war. Here the only variety on price is the size of the original spot. Our Wall is made of brick and our one time price is written in stone. Once you're on, you're on for eternity! We are currently bringing in thousands of new users per week and we expect this to grow exponentially as our marketing and promotional campaigns increase and come to fruition and word gets out about The Eternal Wall and its dynamic potential.

Want something more than just a brick to attract visitors? Use your imagination! What we can do with this Wall is limited only by the creativity of the people who'll use it to get noticed. If you dream it up we can most likely put it on The Eternal Wall. That's what separates us from the other sites. We're revolutionizing the way people view internet advertising and self promotion. We're the kind of "commercial" customers and clients willingly tune into.

So, from all of us here at The Wall, we  welcome you and invite you to follow your hearts and imaginations. Join with us in building the Eternall Wall; the place where everyone can go to see something new and innovative every day and to be a part of it too.

Thank you.